Creating Thematic UI in Godot Engine

Stop worrying about off-looking UI in your games.
Discover how you can implement pixel-perfect components.


You’ve just created a working prototype for your game but there is still that nagging feeling: will the game’s UI impress your players?

Maybe you believed that the implementation of aesthetically pleasing UI elements would take a significant amount of time. Consequently, you compromised and went with the default theme. It is also conceivable that you were aware of how to alter the appearance of particular components, yet you felt hesitant to devote the effort to completely skin the set, for fear of having to modify the entire look if a different aesthetic is chosen in the end.

In this Udemy course, you’ll unlock the power of thematic UI design in the world of game development.


In this course, you’ll start off by skinning the most used UI elements in Godot Engine such as Button, Label, CheckBox, etc. Then, you’ll move on to implementing more and more complex UI examples. Here is a short list of benefits you’ll experience by the end of this course:

  • Taking advantage of themes

    Using themes in lieu of individually skinning components is super helpful since swapping themes will let you instantly change how your UI looks.

  • Composing advanced UI components

    There will come a moment where you’ll have to combine basic components to craft more complex ones. Using themes will help you attain consistency regardless of how sophisticated your components are.

  • Crafting completely new UI components

    Although Godot Engine has quite a few UI components, sometimes you need to create something new. You’ll discover how to take existing components and stretch their lifetime.

Working with UI elements shouldn’t be an ordeal

And it won’t be if you follow the instructions in this course. Hopefully, it’ll give the right amount of insight you can experiment on your own and take your UI components to the next level!

Creating Thematic UI in Godot Engine course on Udemy
Who this course is for

For Game Developers

Who are excited about having awe-inspiring UI for their games but have a hard time implementing it.

For Software Developers

Who use Godot Engine to build desktop applications that need that “software” look.

For Frustrated People

Who use some of the theme functionality but would like to have in-depth knowledge.

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For Game Developers

So many video games out there have outstanding UI you envy, but you struggle to implement such interfaces.

Are you an aspiring game developer, eager to create games with stunning user interfaces? If so, then you know that creating a visually appealing UI can be very challenging. It requires a lot of time and effort to get the layout and design elements just right. You might find yourself struggling to implement what you have in mind. Fortunately, this course will help make your dream a reality. In the end, you’ll be able to create beautiful game UIs that will draw in players and make your game look professional. It’s time to take your design skills to the next level!

For Software Developers

You’ve heard that Godot Engine can be used to construct desktop applications, but it must have a professional “software” appearance.

Godot Engine is a powerful open-source game engine used by developers for creating desktop applications too. It provides users with an impressive suite of tools to create stunning visuals and experiences that can rival the look and feel of professional software. With its optimized workflow, users can quickly design and deploy desktop applications with minimal effort. Additionally, it supports a wide range of platforms, giving developers the flexibility to target multiple platforms with their applications. Now, you too can craft professional looking software.

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For Frustrated People

You’ve dabbled in Godot Engine’s theme features, but the effort has left you disappointed and frustrated. Is there a punching bag around?

Many people try Godot Engine’s theme functionality. Without fully understanding how it works; most leave frustrated. However, if you become an expert in this area, there are many advantages you can gain from such an in-depth knowledge. As it is often said in software development, don’t repeat yourself. Using themes is the equivalent of such wisdom. With a little effort and dedication, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of some of the theme’s functionalities and soon start making the most of your game and software creations.


OBJECTIVE of the course

Get in there and create fabulous themes!

By the end of this course, you’ll feel familiar with creating themes and coming up with creative solutions to introduce missing UI options. Ultimately, swapping and combining themes will give you complete flexibility in attaining the look you want for your game. You can even use the same process if you are using the engine for building desktop applications.

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