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Can we provide examples of previous work or a portfolio showcasing our expertise?

Certainly. The Calendly form on the Contact page will display topic fields, after you pick a time slot, we can discuss during our meeting. We’ll send your way the appropriate type of portfolio before the session.

What software and tools do we utilize for 3D modeling, animation and motion graphics?

Although we use a few other complementary technologies, we are versed in the following list of software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, After Effects, Blender, Substance Designer & Painter, ZBrush.

How experienced is our team in creating explainer videos? Can we provide examples?

For sure. We have a dedicated page for that. Also, visit the service page, if you haven’t already, to check out the process we follow in the production of explainer videos.

What is the estimated timeline for completing a 3D modeling or animation project?

It depends. Every project comes with its own set of requirements. If we already worked on a project together, we would use that as a benchmark to give an estimate. With no prior collaboration and data, here is the most honest answer. Putting aside the overhead it will take for making introductions and hearing the details of a project the first time:

* Making small modifications to a model might take a day or two.
* Creating a model from scratch, depending on its complexity, might take from one day to a week.
* Rigging a model depends on whether we knew beforehand if the model was going to be animated. Best case scenario, consider it done alongside the production of a 3D model from scratch since we’ll be accounting for surprises.

Like in most creative endeavours, our artists will determine a more precise timeline based on a project’s moving parts.

What is the pricing structure? Do we charge based on project scope or hourly rates?

We find hourly rates unethical. See, we believe hourly rates introduce a conflict of interest. You’ll want to pay for as few hours as possible, whereas we’ll want to get paid for as long as possible. Perhaps as long and necessary as possible, but there lies the problem. Necessity is a fickle term, and it’s sometimes hard to estimate the length of a project due to entering unknown territories or changing dependencies. Both parties may come across obstacles. It would be a shame to worry about the rates at that point rather than discussing solutions to obstacles.

Instead, if we charge you by what we believe the project is worth to you, we’ll focus on providing the best service we can deliver. Creative projects might be tricky and deserve a healthy amount of deliberation on your and our end. After all, you are not buying lemons from a supermarket.

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