Audio Integration


There are times when some of the audio pieces need to go through an extra step. If you play a single piece of music in your preferred listening medium, you often experience the joy of listening to that piece only. However, the situation is not so simple in video games.

There are often scene changes; characters use items or move around the scene on different surfaces. Then, there is the environmental sound effects.

Audio Integration is a crucial technical step where individual pieces are fine-tuned and integrated into a game engine of your choice. So, your players can get the best of your game world by listening to a seamless blend.

Instead of a cacophony, let there be harmony!

Integrating Audio in Unity with Wwise Part 1 – Footstep Sounds & Setting up Switches
Integrating Audio in Unity with Wwise Part 2 – Ambient & Environment Sounds

Other Audio Services

In addition to audio integration, we specialize in the following disciplines too.

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