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What we do

3D Modelling and Animation services

3d Modelling & Animation​

3D modelling & animation have now become an integral part of video gaming, filmmaking, animation, and advertising; offering a wide range of possibilities for engaging, innovative, and visually impressive branding.

Character Design services

Character Design

Compelling characters are the heart of great stories. Best character designs deliver more than just a pretty face. They are alive with personality, backstory, and motivation that create a long-lasting impact on audiences.

Explainer video services

Explainer Videos

With their lively animations, creative visuals and easy-to-understand language, explainer videos are an effective tool for breaking down complex processes and making them more accessible to audiences of all backgrounds.

concept art services

Concept Art

Concept art is a captivating medium that breathes life into ideas during the early stages of a project. It serves as a guiding light for artists, establishing a vital link between your vision and the eventual realization of your project.

Audio services

Audio Services

Whether it’s podcasts, webinars, music, films, or anything else, having incredible audio can make all the difference. With stunning audio in your project, you can elevate its impact and truly make it something special.

Graphical user interfaces services

Graphical User Interfaces

Since it acts as the primary point of contact between users and your application, having an intuitive and visually stunning interface is crucial. A well-designed GUI not only elevates the UX but can also boost user engagement.

This is how we do it

About Viroid Games

In August 2020, Viroid Games began as a small game studio based in Toronto, Canada.

We have since successfully launched one game on Steam and delivered several others on commission. We are no longer content with just building games. Like many other pandemic-era businesses, we have embraced remote work and are now eager to connect our pool of talented artists with you.

We specialize in Low-Poly and Realistic Characters and CreaturesEnvironment Design, Gaming Props, Concept Art, and Audio. In addition to our exceptional 3D modelling services, we can craft high-quality explainer videos.

We serve clients from all corners of the globe.

Benefits of hiring us​

Talent Pool

Our access to diverse artists from various corners of the world breathes life into your projects, infusing them with cultural diversity, fresh perspectives, and global appeal. The convergence of diverse experiences fuels our creative process, inspiring innovative solutions and setting your projects apart from the rest. It’s a good recipe for ensuring a richer, more inclusive creative output.


With our dynamic structure, we possess the ability to handpick the perfect team for your projects. This unique advantage allows us to optimize project budgets while upholding an unwavering commitment to excellence. So, you can embrace the benefits of global collaboration and tap into the incredible talent pool of emerging artists, where affordability meets outstanding quality.


To uphold the quality you deserve, we will assign you a dedicated agent who will serve as your trusted conduit of communication with our remote working artists. This expert liaison ensures that your vision, feedback, and requirements are impeccably conveyed, understood, and executed. Thus, experience the convenience of working with talented artists from afar without the fuss.

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