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Why a Strong Pitch Matters

Creating a compelling pitch is crucial for indie game developers seeking to secure funding, resources, and marketing support from publishers. A well-crafted pitch can be the difference between securing a publisher’s interest and missing out on crucial opportunities.

Publishers are looking for more than just an engaging game concept; they need to understand the business and production aspects of your project. This includes knowing who will see the project through, assessing your team’s capabilities, and evaluating financial risks versus rewards.

Common Pitfalls in Indie Pitches

Many indie developers focus heavily on the lore and creative aspects of their games, often neglecting key business components that publishers prioritize. Here are some common pitfalls:

  • Lack of a Clear Ask: Whether it’s budget requirements, resource needs, or marketing help, many pitches fail to specify what they are seeking from the publisher.
  • Neglecting Business Aspects: Emphasizing the game’s story and features while omitting details about the production timeline, team structure, and budget.
  • Inadequate Market Analysis: Failing to demonstrate an understanding of the target market and how the game will stand out in a competitive landscape.
As a game development service provider, we understand the challenges indie developers face when pitching their projects to potential publishers or investors.

Challenges in Crafting Compelling Indie Pitches

Here are a few honest observations. We believe the core of the issue is that most pitches resemble school presentations or a report to a board of members at corporations. Although presentations and reports are useful, pitches are a different animal. Essentially, a pitch is a sales talk, and most people hate doing sales talk. Let’s see what usually goes wrong in pitches.

Addressing the Ask

Many pitches fall flat because they lack a clear ask. It’s understandable – as independent creators, we can often feel overwhelmed and unsure of what we need to bring our projects to the next level. But the truth is, without a clear ask, it becomes difficult for potential investors or collaborators to fully understand the purpose and potential of our projects. Whether it’s resources, budget, or marketing support, it’s crucial for indies to clearly outline what is needed in order to achieve success.

Our service guides indies in articulating their needs with precision, ensuring that their pitch clearly communicates what they require to bring their game projects to fruition.

Emphasizing Business and Production Aspects

As an indie developer, there’s no denying the importance of showcasing your game’s unique lore and creative vision in your pitching efforts. After all, these are the elements that will capture the hearts and minds of potential players. However, it’s equally crucial to address the business and production aspects of your game as well. In order to stand out in a highly competitive industry, indie developers must demonstrate a solid understanding of the financial and logistical considerations involved in bringing their vision to life. This not only helps build credibility with potential investors and publishers, but it also shows that the developer has a clear plan for bringing their game to market.

Our team assists indies in striking a balance, ensuring that their pitches captivate potential partners while also demonstrating a clear understanding of the financial and logistical aspects of game development.

Team and Capabilities

In the world of publishing and investment, it’s not just about the idea or the product. It’s also about the people behind it, their passion, and their ability to bring their vision to life. Publishers and investors want to know the minds and hearts behind the project, to understand their experience, skills, and drive. They are looking to invest in individuals who have what it takes to bring the project to success. After all, it’s not just about the end goal, it’s the journey and the people who make it happen.

We work with indies to showcase their team’s expertise, experience, and commitment, instilling confidence in potential partners about the project’s management and execution.

Risk vs. Reward Analysis

When creating a game, it’s crucial to have a solid financial plan to secure funding. The game industry is competitive, and you need to understand your target market and stand out from others. Investors want to see that you have thoughtfully considered the financial aspect of your project and have a plan for its success. Without this, you risk not getting the necessary funding to make your game a reality. Do your research, know your audience, and present a well-thought-out strategy to make your game stand out in the gaming market. This not only increases your chances of securing funding but also shows investors that you are a reliable partner. A strong financial plan is necessary for success in the game industry.

Our service equips indies with the tools to perform a comprehensive risk vs. reward analysis, empowering them to present a compelling business case to potential partners.

We’ll help you articulate a clear ask, strike the perfect balance between creative vision and business acumen, showcase your team’s capabilities, and present a compelling risk vs. reward analysis – ensuring your pitch resonates with potential investors and partners.


Pitch Deck 101 for Indies


You know the game you want to make, but how do you talk about it?

In this talk, our founder, Kumsal Obuz, presents the art of pitching, why it’s useful, and how to structure one. So, you feel prepared when you are in front of a publisher.


This talk, given at an IndieGameBusiness conference, explores how to create a deck for approaching a publisher. It starts with reasons to approach a publisher, continues with what’s in it for the publisher, and shows different parts of a pitch deck. It concludes with some resources and methods that will be helpful to indie devs who want to gain practice before they present.

Service Offerings That Will Improve Your Proposals

We offer comprehensive support to help you create a pitch that stands out.


Pitch Deck Development

  • Structured Content: We guide you in organizing your deck to cover all critical areas: project overview, team introduction, market analysis, business model, and financial projections.
  • Visual Design: Enhancing the visual appeal of your deck to make a professional impression.


Business and Production Insights

  • Detailed Business Plan: Helping you articulate the business case for your game, including production timelines, budget breakdowns, and revenue projections.
  • Team Credibility: Crafting a compelling narrative about your team’s experience and capabilities to build publisher confidence.


Productive Practice Sessions

  • Mock Presentations: Conducting test runs of your presentation to simulate real-world scenarios.
  • Constructive Feedback: Providing detailed feedback to refine your presentation skills and content.
  • Customized Coaching: Tailoring guidance based on the specific needs and weaknesses of the indie developer’s pitch.


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