You are in a room full of boxes.
After calibrating your optics, you see a door in front of you.
There are some markers on the walls that seem familiar.

You rack your brain trying to remember what happened, but all you can recall is a bright, blinding light. With a deep breath, you realize you must make sense of this situation and figure out what happened to the spaceship you are on.

In this turn-based adventure game, you must use your wits to overcome many obstacles and unravel the mystery of why you are on board Kopernik. You soon discover that this vessel is on a crucial mission to bring medical resources and rations to the colonists on Titan. You realize that with every step you take, solving this mystery could be closer than ever before.

Somewhere on the journey, the ship’s AI had gone rogue. It seems this AI knows a great deal about you, and what makes matters worse is that it knows there is someone dear to you among the surviving crew members. You’re clearly at a disadvantage but have nowhere else to go but keep pressing.

Awaiting Challenges!

  • Monitor your power supply and make efficient moves to beat obstacles.
  • Watch out for the environment, and even better; use it to your advantage.
  • Help the surviving crew members because the ship is working against them.
  • Discover your true identity and how you’ve got to this point.
  • Disable the ship’s AI by any means possible: peacefully or vengefully.

WIP Screenshots

MR.E - A story-rich turn-based adventure in space


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