We have two major publications

In addition to the others that can be located on this page.

Developing Plugins for Godot Engine

Tool development is an important aspect of game development. When you are past the basics of building your game, you quickly realize that you need a better pipeline or a smart way of doing repetitive tasks. Perhaps you want to automate similar-looking tasks with a bit of variety. If only Godot could help you. We’ll look at how to develop plugins in Godot. Our work will yield a visual result and we’ll add it to the engine interface.

Creating Composite UI Components in Godot

Our founder’s talk for Godot Toronto. In this presentation, he’s presenting how to assemble simple UI components into more complex cases where you can compose bigger and more sophisticated components. In a previous session, skinning UI components was covered. This time, we’re going to look at creating composite UI components and using signals to communicate with the rest of the application.

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