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Flex Bouwmaterialen

Flex Bouwmaterialen gives you the best materials to build the perfect home. We tailor our payment options to your needs, so you can get what you need even if you’re low on funds. Plus, we’ll deliver it right to your door, so you don’t have to worry about any extra hassle. Take advantage of our great prices and get the quality materials you need for your project.

Tapis Carpet Cleaning Service

Give your dirty rugs the treatment they deserve and let us take them away for you! We will make sure to give them the best care and attention, so that when they are returned to you, they will look as good as new! Our professionals are experts in rug cleaning, so you can trust that your rugs will be in safe hands.

Clever Fliegenginter

Fed up with flies buzzing around your house? Clever Fliegenginter has the perfect solution for you! Our custom-made window screens will keep the flies out while letting in a cool breeze – so you can enjoy your home in peace. Plus, they’re easy to install and require minimal upkeep. Say goodbye to those pesky bugs and get your home back with Clever Fliegenginter today!

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There is plenty more where these came from. So, feel free to scroll down. If you like what you have seen so far, we would be more than happy to discuss a solution that will highlight your product, service or process.

Rota Plumbing

Let Rota Plumbing put your mind at ease. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to detect and diagnose hidden plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. We understand how inconvenient and disruptive plumbing repairs can be, so we’ll work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Penbe Hatun

Penbe Hatun offers creative entrepreneurs the perfect platform to take their passion to the next level. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to showcase your work and start selling your handmade creations to a global audience. We give you the tools you need to succeed and make a living doing what you love. From marketing tips to secure payment processing, Penbe Hatun is here to help you turn your creative dreams into reality.


Our construction and engineering skills are the perfect solution for your building maintenance needs. We’ll analyze every aspect of the building and identify any potential problems. We specialize in taking existing structures and making them as good as new, with structural repairs, electrical work, or even painting and carpeting.

Pleased with what you have seen so far?

Creating an explainer video for your product, service, or process is a great way to explain the inner workings and benefits of what you offer. Whether you’re introducing a new concept, simplifying a complex operation, or showing the advantages of a product or service, explainer videos are an excellent way to engage with potential customers.

With the right visuals, you can communicate your message in a concise and informative manner. So, if your product, service or process has similar moving parts as those you’ve seen in these explainer videos, why not give it a go?

Gunder MYM

Are you looking to become a certified solar panel installer? Look no further than Gunder MYM! We offer comprehensive training that combines both practical and theoretical instruction to ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Take the first step towards a bright future and enroll in our solar panel installer certification program today!

Sami Drapery

Are your drapes looking a bit dull and uninspiring? If so, Sami Drapery is here to help! We offer a wide selection of stunning designs to help you give your room an instant facelift. Whether you prefer bold patterns, luxurious fabrics, or something totally unique, we’ve got it all. Plus, our helpful decorating tips will make sure you get the perfect look for your space.

Pas Liga

Put your team together, sharpen your skills and get into the game. Pas Liga is here to give you the ultimate Champions League experience! With Pas Liga, you will get an adrenaline rush as you face off against opponents in thrilling battles. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team and get ready to take on the challenge of becoming a champion!

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Eftelya Driving School

Get your driver’s license with ease with the help of the experienced instructors at Eftelya Driving School! We provide comprehensive and tailored training at competitive prices, so you can get the training you need without breaking the bank. Our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, so you can learn safe driving habits and gain confidence in your driving skills.

Şengül Sineklik

At Şengül Sineklik, we understand how annoying mosquitoes can be. Whether it’s the sound of them buzzing around your head or the itchy feeling of bites, no one likes being pestered by these little creatures. We provide free analysis for your doors and windows to determine the best mosquito net and window screen options for you so you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment.

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