Viroid Games Announces Intent to Provide Courses for Indie Game Developers

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November 20, 2023, Toronto, Canada – Viroid Games, a game development studio and an outsourcing agency, is excited to announce its intent to offer courses specifically designed for indie game developers. With a goal to empower and educate aspiring developers, Viroid Games aims to bridge the gap between technical skills and business acumen within the indie game development community.

As a testament to their commitment, Viroid Games’ CEO, Kumsal Obuz, recently delivered a compelling presentation on pitching strategies to a group of over 60 attendees at a well-attended IGDA Toronto event. The overwhelming interest and positive feedback received from the indie game development community indicated a strong demand for business, marketing, and pitching insights tailored to the unique challenges faced by independent game creators.

To better understand the specific needs and preferences of indie game developers, Viroid Games has launched a comprehensive survey. This survey will help Viroid Games refine and customize its upcoming courses to address the key pain points and areas of interest identified by the community.

“We believe that access to effective business strategies and marketing expertise is essential for indie game developers to succeed in a highly competitive industry,” said Kumsal Obuz, CEO of Viroid Games. “Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality courses that will equip indie game developers with the necessary skills and knowledge to elevate their games and businesses.”

Viroid Games brings a wealth of expertise to its course offerings, and this is exemplified by the company’s CEO, Kumsal Obuz. Kumsal Obuz is the highly regarded author of Game Development with Blender and Godot, a book published by Packt Publishing. Since its launch, the book has received spectacular reviews, cementing Kumsal’s reputation as a highly knowledgeable and respected figure in the game development community. With such a respected author at the helm, Viroid Games’ courses promise to deliver expert knowledge and insights to aspiring indie game developers.

In the coming weeks, Viroid Games will be unveiling further details about the courses, including the location, content, pricing, and course schedule. Indie game developers can expect a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including game marketing, pitching and presentation skills, business development, monetization strategies, and much more.

Stay tuned for more updates and be among the first to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your indie game development journey.

About Viroid Games:

Viroid Games is a provider of design outsourcing services, specializing in 3D modelling, animation, character designs, and explainer videos. With a team of skilled artists and a passion for creativity, Viroid Games offers cost-effective solutions to clients in the gaming industry and beyond. By leveraging a global talent pool and employing cutting-edge technology, Viroid Games delivers exceptional results, tailored to the unique needs and visions of its clients.

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