Viroid Games Explores New Opportunities at PG Connects Toronto Conference

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July 11, 2023, Toronto, Canada – Viroid Games, a budding provider of design outsourcing services, is pleased to announce its participation in the highly anticipated PG Connects Toronto conference, scheduled for July 19 and 20, 2023. As a company that has recently transitioned to offering comprehensive outsourcing services, Viroid Games is excited to connect with industry-leading companies and key figures during this premier event.

PG Connects Toronto is renowned as a premier gathering of professionals from the gaming and interactive entertainment industry. With a focus on fostering collaboration, innovation, and business opportunities, the conference provides an ideal platform for Viroid Games to showcase its expertise and explore new avenues for growth and partnerships.

At the conference, Viroid Games will be actively engaging with industry peers, potential clients, and influential individuals within the gaming landscape. By sharing its diverse range of design outsourcing services, including 3D modeling, animation, and explainer videos, Viroid Games aims to forge valuable connections and uncover exciting prospects for collaboration.

“We are thrilled to participate in PG Connects Toronto and have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and innovators,” said Kumsal Obuz, CEO at Viroid Games. “With our recent transition to providing outsourcing services, we are eager to showcase our capabilities and explore potential partnerships that will drive growth and success for both Viroid Games and our esteemed clients.”

Viroid Games welcomes all conference attendees to book a session by visiting the event’s meeting platform MeetToMatch and and engage in insightful conversations about design outsourcing services. By leveraging their extensive experience, talented team, and cost-effective solutions, Viroid Games aims to support and enhance the creative endeavors of companies within the gaming industry and beyond.

“We are enthusiastic about our new direction and look forward to forging new partnerships with industry leaders,” said Kumsal Obuz. “With PG Connects Toronto, we aim to explore new opportunities and solidify our position in the gaming industry as a leading game design service provider offering exceptional outsourcing services.”

To learn more about Viroid Games and its comprehensive range of outsourcing services, visit their website at Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following Viroid Games on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Viroid Games:

Viroid Games is a leading provider of design outsourcing services, specializing in 3D modeling, animation, character designs, and explainer videos. With a team of skilled artists and a passion for creativity, Viroid Games offers cost-effective solutions to clients in the gaming industry and beyond. By leveraging a global talent pool and employing cutting-edge technology, Viroid Games delivers exceptional results, tailored to the unique needs and visions of its clients.

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