Viroid Games Announces Outsourcing Services, Offering Cost-Effective Design Solutions to Clients Worldwide

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June 25, 2023, Toronto, Canada – Viroid Games, a game development studio based in Toronto, Canada, announces a pivot in its business model from game development to providing outsourcing services. The company now offers cost-effective design solutions to clients worldwide, leveraging its pool of remote-working and talented artists.

“We are excited to announce our pivot to outsourcing services and offer our clients cost-effective design solutions,” said Kumsal Obuz, CEO of Viroid Games. “Our team of talented artists specializes in 3D modelling and animation, character design, explainer videos, concept art, audio, and GUI design. We take pride in our ability to craft custom solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ expectations.”

Viroid Games’ dynamic structure allows the company to handpick the perfect team for each project, optimizing project budgets while upholding a strong commitment to excellence. Clients will be assigned a dedicated agent who will serve as their trusted conduit of communication with the remote-working artists.

“Our access to diverse artists from various corners of the world breathes life into your projects, infusing them with cultural diversity, fresh perspectives, and global appeal,” said Kumsal Obuz. “The convergence of multicultural experiences fuels our creative process, inspiring innovative solutions and setting your projects apart from the rest. We invite new clients to experience the convenience of working with talented artists from afar without the fuss.”

For more information on Viroid Games’ services or to schedule a consultation, visit their website at

About Viroid Games:
Viroid Games was founded in August 2020 as a small game studio and has since successfully launched one game on Steam and delivered several others on commission. The company has now embraced remote work and is eager to connect its pool of talented artists with clients worldwide.

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