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We are a small indie game company based in Toronto, Canada. Kumsal Obuz founded Viroid in 2020 in order to create simulation games that offer the mix of challenge and attention to detail that he felt were missing from the market. Besides being a dedicated PC gamer and designer, Kumsal brings over 15 years of web development and team management experience to Viroid.

Our short-term mission is as simple as building thoughtfully crafted PC games that offer a detailed business simulation in novel environments. (If you enjoy games like Industry Giant and Capitalism, Viroid is the game company for you!)


As we grow, we want to develop RPGs with the same sort of detail and accuracy in inventory management and crafting. As part of our focus on a quality gaming experience, we’ll be creating games with engaging storytelling, and side quests that actually feel purposeful. 

We believe it’s important to give back to the community; the tools we evolve during production of our games will be released to allow other creators to generate content for their own games.

Everything game-related is very important to us. To that end, Viroid Games is supporting Godot Toronto. Please check out our other affiliations, and look for Viroid-sponsored Meetups in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as future mentorship initiatives.

August, 2020