Creating Thematic UI in Godot Engine

The course is live and accepting new students.

Stop worrying about off-looking UI in your games.
discover how you can implement pixel-perfect components.

What you’ll learn

  • Create spectacular-looking themes in Godot Engine
  • Use freely available UI kits and design systems for practice
  • Go beyond skinning basic components
  • Build composite UI components


You have just created a working prototype for your game but there is still that nagging feeling: will the game’s UI impress your players?

Maybe you thought applying pretty-looking UI elements would take a long time. So, you compromised and went with the default theme. Perhaps, you know how to change the look of some components but you don’t want to commit yourself to skin the whole set for fear of changing it altogether if a new look will be picked in the end.


In this course, you’ll start off by skinning the most commonly used UI elements in Godot Engine such as ButtonLabelCheckBox, etc. Then, you’ll move on to implementing more and more complex UI examples. To that end, you’ll be tackling the following topics:

  • Taking advantage of themes in lieu of individually skinning components since themes will let you instantly change how your UI looks.
  • Creating new UI components that are otherwise not part of the game engine.
  • Although changing the look and feel of simple UI components will be necessary, sometimes, it won’t be enough. We’ll show you how to put simple components together to build a composite UI.


By the end of this course, you’ll feel familiar with creating themes and coming up with creative solutions to introduce missing UI options. Ultimately, swapping and combining themes will give you complete flexibility in attaining the look you want for your game. You can even use the same methods if you are using the engine for building desktop applications.

Now, get in there and create fabulous themes!

Who this course is for

  • Game developers who are excited about having awesome-looking UI for their games but have a hard time implementing it.
  • People who use Godot Engine to build desktop applications that need that “software” look.
  • Those who use some of the theme functionality but would like to have in-depth knowledge.

May your pixels align perfectly!

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